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History of Counselor Legislation

IMHCA works through and with the Coalition of Illinois Counselor Organizations (CICO) to monitor, sponsor, support and/or oppose legislation and licensure rules that affect counselors and the mental health profession.

IMHCA is founding member of CICO. Our Executive Director, Dan Stasi also serves as the Executive Director of CICO. One of CICO’s primary roles is legislation. Dan is a registered lobbyist in Illinois and represents all counselors in Illinois. As an organization we have been very busy over the years. Past legislative accomplishments include:

Public Act 97-0710 Temporary licenses for service members and spouces. Effective 01/01/2013
Public Act 97-0753 LCPCs as Mental Health Facility Directors Effective 07/06/2012
Public Act 94-0765 Counselor Licensure Act- changed from a Title act to a Practice Act. Effective 01/01/2007
Public Act 94-0497 Child Welfare Student Loan Forgiveness Act Establishes the Child Welfare Student Loan Forgiveness Program to provide loan assistance, subject to appropriation, to eligible students for upper-division undergraduate and graduate study in social work or human services Effective 01/01/2006
Public Act 94-0034 Amends the Children and Family Services Act. Provides that every child in the care of the Department of Children and Family Services shall receive necessary behavioral health services, including mental health services. Effective 01/01/2006
Public Act 94-0399 Crime Victim Compensation Act- Reimburse LCPC for counseling victims. Effective 01/01/2006
Public Act 92-0755 Provides accreditation requirements for providers of mental health and substance abuse treatment services. Effective 08/02/2002
Public Act 92-0724 Allows a school board to utilize volunteer personnel from a regional School Crisis Assistance Team to provide assistance to schools in times of violence or other traumatic incidents within a school community by providing crisis intervention services. Effective 07/25/2002
Public Act 92-0719 Renewed Counselor Licensure Act- Licensure law expires every ten years. Effective 07/25/2002
Public Act 92-0708 Allows release of info to third party for collections. Effective 07/19/2002
Public Act 92-0185 Mental Health Parity mandates insurance coverage for serious mental illness. Effective 01/01/2002
Public Act 92-0260 Bully Bill- amends school code requiring action with violent students. Effective 08/07/2001
Public Act 92-0182 Adds LCPC to the Insurance Code. Effective 07/27/2001
Public Act 91-0070 School Code change allowing School Counselor Type 73 without a teaching certificate. Effective 07/09/2001
Senate Bill 0024 Mandated pre-marital counseling provided free by counselors. We opposed. Bill Failed.  
House Bill 3205 Adds LCPC as Medicaid biller- Passed House- Failed Senate Effective 1/01/2000

Public Act 91-0536

Adds LCPC as Qualified Examiner in Mental Health Code effective 1/1/00

Effective 1/01/2000

Numerous changes to the Counselor Licensure Rules
Children’s Mental Health Partnership Funding included in FY 2007 State Budget for $2 million
There are links on our website to these laws