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 Springfield, IL- Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Come advocate for your profession!
We will meet in Springfield. Talk to your state Senator and Representative. Join with other counselors from throughout Illinois to advocate for school counseling concerns and mental health legislation. Both ISCA and IMHCA and non-member Counselors, students and educators are welcome. 


We will start out with a short meeting and lunch at the Hoogland Center. 420 S 6th St., Springfield, IL

This is quite close to the Capitol Building. Parking can be found in nearby lots and/or on the street. Make sure you bring coins in case you find a meter that is open!

10:00 am - Training begins (perhaps a bit sooner, depending on when the majority of our participants arrive).
Creation of groups and distribution of folders to each small group based on the number of legislators with which each group will speak.

10:45 Lunch               ISCA and IMHCA are buying lunch.

11:45 Head to Capitol

11:45am-2:00 pm - Meet with legislators and observe the process (don't worry, we'll tell everyone what to expect - though some of you are becoming experts yourself!)

3:00-3:30pm - wrap up meetings location Obed & Issacs Micro Brewery 500 S 6th St., Springfield, IL to turn in any leftover materials and debriefing forms. Feel free to stay and chat/unwind. Enjoy a beverage or snack (this will be self-pay).
Anytime after you check back in at Obed & Issacs you can head home and feel proud of your work!

Amtrak Schedule to Springfield:
Leave Chicago 7:00 am Arrive Springfield 10:15 am (Capitol is walking distance from train station)
Cost $20.00 one way
Return: 4:56 pm – Arrive Chicago 8:40 pm

RSVP attendance to:

Dan Stasi or                                   Dan Stasi
ISCA Executive Director     and      IMHCA Executive Director            or 

Or register here!

Questions: 815-787-0515

If you are looking for others to carpool with let us know and we will help out all we can to match people up.


Pending Legislation

State Legislation:

Federal Legislation:

Topic: Short Description: Legistlation Link: PDF of Just That Section: Effective Date:



Approved Legislation

State Legislation:

Topic: Short Description: Legistlation Link: PDF of Just That Section: Effective Date:
Authorization for LCPCs Adds LCPC as authorized to order restraints. The law already includes LCSW. Public Act
Sec. 2 - 108 8/2/2013
Communicable Disease Disclosure Amends the Communicable Disease Prevention Act reporting requirements regarding children diagnosed with or testing positive for HIV or AIDS. The act previously required the Dept. of Public Health or local health departments to notify the principal of the child's school. HB 61 repealed the requirement. Public Act 98-353 Sec. 5 1/1/2014
Social Network Password Makes it a petty offense for a post-secondary school to request or require a student or parent/guardian to provide a password or other account information in order to gain access to the student's account or profile on a social networking webiste. Schools must provide notification of this protection by publishing it in the school's handbook and/or disciplinary policy. Public Act 98-129 Sec. 1-20 1/1/2014
Bring Parent to School Day Sets the first Monday in October as "Bring Your Parents to School Day" Public Act 98-304 Sec. 10-20.55 1/1/2014
Sex Education School districts that do not provide sex education are not required to do so, but that if a course is offered in any of grades 6-12, the school district may choose and adapt the complete sex education curriculum that meets spcefic needs of its community. Sex education courses shall emphasize that abstinence is a responsible and positive decision that is the only procetion that is 100% effective. Public Act 98-441 Sec. 27-9.1 1/1/2014
Gang Activity In a school district other than the Chicago School District, a principal will have the responsibility to utilize the resources of law enforcement when the safety and welfare of students and teachers are threatened by illegal use or possession of weapons, or by illegal gang activity. Illegal gang activity is an offense under which the courts or police must report to the principal when a student is detained. Public Act 98-59 Sec. 10-21.4a.
Sec. 22-20
Identify Suicide and Mentall Illness Requires schooll personnel who work with pupils in grades 7-12 shall be trained to identify the warning signs of mental illness and suicidal behavior. Public Act 98-471 Sec. 34-18.7. 1/1/2014
Threatening a Public Official Adds "human service provider" to the list of invididuals included in the offense of "threatening a public official" Public Act 98-529 Sec. 12-9 1/1/2014
Concealed Carry Amendment requiring QMHPs to report Public Act 98-600 Sec 8.1 12/6/2013
Concealed Carry Concealed carry law on mandated reporting of "danger to self or others" or "developmentally disabled" Public Act 98-0063 Sec. 6-103.3 7/9/2013
Sex Offenders Sex offenders evaluation and treatment providers act Illinois Register 2013 Section 1280 11/22/2013


Federal Legislation:

Topic: Short Description: Legistlation Link: PDF of Just That Section: Effective Date:
Student Loan Forgiveness Public service jobs. Loan Forgiveness    
Student Loan Forgiveness Teachers. Loan Forgiveness    


Mental Health Parity Law

CICO Legislative Update
Update on Illinois Budget from Voices for Illinois Children June 21, 2010

Higher Education "Gainful Employment" Rules to be released this month. (Final rules will be set by November and go into effect in July 2011.)
Client Records
Fee Splitting
Children's Mental Health Consent & Confidentiality Laws
Counselor Legislation

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