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Counselor Day on the Hill
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018 10:00am-3:30pm

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Counselor Educator Summit

Friday, March 23, 2018 10:00am-2:30pm

Counselor Educator Summit to discuss school conselor recertification rules and licensure rule changes, plus more...REGISTER.

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Origin and Mission

Counselors became a united and recognized profession in Illinois in the course of the licensure effort.  For the first time counselors with identities in many different specialty areas joined with each other and with master’s level psychologists in a common cause and successfully passed the Professional Counselor and Clinical Professional Counselor Licensing Act.  Because of the numbers and of the ability of counselors to organize themselves, the counseling profession acquired a new level of respect and visibility in Springfield and in the awareness of the other mental health professions.  Having developed an effective and united voice in relating to government as well as private interests, counselors have come to appreciate the importance of keeping this voice alive and active.

To maintain this cohesion, to protect and promote the interests of counselors and their clients, and to keep counselors proactive in the public arena, the Coalition of Illinois Counselor Organizations was formed.  Counselors as a whole and counselors in the various specialty organizations have found the Coalition available to advocate for them and their issues with the united voice of all counselors.


The Coalition has as its purpose representation of and advocacy for all Illinois counselors and master’s level psychologists, their organizations and their clients, in relations to 1) government in all its branches and agencies 2) relevant segments of the private sector, such as insurance, managed care, business and industry, and 3) other mental health providers, health and human services organizations and professions.


The Coalition is primarily an organization of organizations.  Association as well as their divisions and chapters are welcome to join.  Only organizations are represented on the Board of Directors.


Dan and Sen Burris and Sen Durbin
Daniel Stasi (center) with Illinois Senators Durbin and Burris
phone: (815) 787-0515

Daniel Stasi is the Executive Director for the Coalition.
In this role he also serves as a lobbyist on behalf of counselor interests in Springfield, IL.

Office Manager, Rachel Banick
Contact Rachel Banick